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The BARD Talk web site came into existence on the heels of the newly created Yahoo Group bearing the same name. It quickly became apparent that many of the same questions were being asked, posing the potential for a cluttered list, but also a frustrating environment due to constant repetition.

Hopefully, the BARD Talk web site will offer an alternative method for many users of the BARD site and digital talking book players to find answers to commonly asked questions. The BARD site has their own FAQ, but it may not be quite as easy to access. And, for people not yet patrons of the BARD program, the BARD Talk FAQ, as well as the entire site, are completely available for them to peruse.

As of December, 2009, the BARD Talk Yahoo Group was owned and moderated by David Bond, and co-moderated with Alan Lemly. Neither the Yahoo Group or the BARD Talk web site have any official affiliation with the NLS, BARD, or the LOC, or any employees of those institutions.