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  1. Joseph Norton's Options.xml file
    Joseph Norton wrote separate options.xml files to disable and enable power saver mode on the NLS player. The download link is to a zip archive that includes a folder named OptionsFiles which contains two subfolders, NoPowerSaver and PowerSaver.
    The options.xml file in the NoPowerSaver folder should be copied to the root of the flash drive you want to use in the cartridge slot to turn off power saver mode for that slot.
    The options.xml file in the PowerSaver folder should be copied to the root of the flash drive you want to use in the side USB port to turn on power saver mode in order to get about 30% more battery life. By default, power saver mode is turned off in the side USB port beginning with firmware 2.1.7 in order to make the side port more compatible with a wider variety of flash drives.
    Power saver mode is turned on by default in the cartridge slot USB port. These default settings are reinstated whenever the NLS player is powered off so you will need to leave the options.xml file in the root of the flash drive you are using to reset power saver mode.
    The final file included in the zip archive is README.txt which should be reviewed if you have any questions about the above discussion.
    options.xml files_from Joseph
  2. My Book Log
    For those interested in a free and easy to use tracking system, "Book Log" is here! It's an Excel 2003 spread sheet, incorporating a menu driven sorting function. Even if you don't use spread sheets, this easy to use file will allow you to track the books you've read, or books you plan to read, and sort your dataa by book title, author, genre, narrator, and more.
    Please note! The zip file includes the work sheet, plus a read me file. Please read the read me file for a few very important tips.
    Book Log V. 1.0.
  3. U3 Removal Utilities
    Several flash drives or thumb drives contain U3 software. In most cases, these drives will not operate properly with the NLS dtbm. Sandisk is one manufacturer whose drives usually contain the U3 software. Below are links to several sites where a free program to remove this software and format the drive free of any interfering software can be downloaded.
    A program that works for both Windows & Mac:
    A program used by a BARD Talk user that has reportidlly worked for several years:
    Specifically for Sandisk drives:
    Note: With the above software, and possibly with other U3 removal programs, for the removal process to work properly, the drive should be plugged in and the U3 software active. With Sandisk drives, be sure that Launchpad is running.
  4. Inserting and removing a thumb ddrive from the NLS dtbm
    A short audio file demonstrating how easy and fast patrons can insert and remove a thumb drive from the cartridge slot USB port.
  5. Humanware Companion Version 3.2 Multi-language version
    This version is the version released in June, 2010, and fixes a runtime error problem found in the initial release of version 3.2.
    This free program allows the user to unzip NLS books and place them on the desired media (either a thumb drive or blank cartridge) by listing the NLS books residing in the selected location on the hard drive. When using the program, be sure to check the checkbox asking if you want to have Companion unzip the NLS zip files.
  6. NLS Tour
    Rebecca Kragnes, and her faithful dog guide Zane, recently toured the NLS. Listen as she and the human guide tour the facility.
    NLS tour