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  1. Download books to a USB drive, by Joshua Hendrickson
    This tutorial covers how to download bard books to a USB flash drive, and also how to change download directories and download to the new directories.
    Click the below link to listen to the tutorial, or save the mp3 to your computer by using the "save as" option:
    Joshua Hendrickson tutorial on downloading BARD books
    IF you have any questions, contact Josh at:
  2. Ann Parsons's BARD site Downloading Tutorial
    Ann Parsons, who provides tutoring services for people with disabilities, has written a kind of "downloading for dummies" that is available as a free download. She covers Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 in this easy to read tutorial. If you’re struggling with learning one of the most fundemental skills you'll need to be able to enjoy the growing selection of downloadable digital talking books from the NLS, this file may be the ticket to your success!
    Click the below link to download the document:
    Ann's business name is, "Portal Tutoring," and she can be contacted through email at:
    visit her web site at:
  3. Bryan Smart Audio Walk-Through On Using The NLS DTBM
    This audio file is quite long, offering an alternative to Brian Albriton's shorter presentation he did for Accessible World in the fall of 2009. Bryan covers all the basics and more. He goes into some technical depth that is not for the faint of heart!
    Thanks to Bryan Smart for creating this! He can be contacted at:
    Use "save target as" to save the mp3 file to your computer, or just listen when selecting the below link.
  4. Joe Norton NLS DTBM Upgrade Walk-through
    Joe Norton offers a concise step-by-step tutorial on upgrading the firmware on the NLS digital talking book machine (dtbm). While there are several ways to accomplish this task, beginners and even those with moderate computer experience will find this audio tutorial helpful.
    Use "save target as" to save the mp3 file to your computer, or just listen when selecting the below link.
    Contact Joe if you have any questions at: